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As the diseases and especially, coronavirus is getting spreading everywhere it has become very important for you to keep yourself away from such viruses, how? This OxyBreath Pro Mask can help you fighting against coronavirus. The virus earlier started in China but now touching all over the globe which is s seriously dangerous. Don’t worry, just focus on your diet and consumption of water. For inhaling, you must wear this mask every time as it would help you avoiding the virus to enter into your body.

This Coronavirus is spreading from person to person just by touching each other which is strange but true. This OxyBreath Pro Mask is a newly innovated alternative that is helping people by protecting them from harmful germs or viruses.

About the design of the product

If you are choosing a mask that can keep you away from inhaling the harmful viruses or germs then you must surely be aware of the material being used in designing it. When we talk about Oxy Breath Pro Mask, you need not worry as it has been designed with microfiber which has already been tested in the labs. While testing, it has been proved that it is safe for all skin types and comfortable to wear every time and everywhere.

The optimal size of this mask is 27x14cm which would cover your entire face and you won’t get affected by the toxic components present all around you. It doesn’t matter what is your skin type, it would be very comfortable for you and you would not feel any itchiness over your skin for sure.

Specifications of Product

  • OxyBreath Pro Mask has been designed with microfibre
  • It is a type of breathing mask
  • It can filter the air by about 96%
  • The protection level of this mask is KN95 

Features of OxyBreath Pro Singapore-

  • It can be carried easily
  • It is light weighted and thus, you can wear it whenever you would be outside your house
  • It suits all skin types
  • It doesn’t cause any skin irritation or other allergies
  • It would cover your entire mouth, face, and nose
  • It is very simple and easy to use as you just need to wear it only 

Some Specific Benefits of OxyBreath Pro

  • It protects you from harmful or life-threatening diseases
  • It filters the air around you by about 96%
  • It protects you even from very minor health issues such as cough and cold
  • It is easily washable; you can even make it dry very easily and quickly because of its lightweight
  • It is a type of perfect anti-dust mask which would protect you in every type of climatic change
  • It has a very high resistance power which would help you even during rain

Where to Get It?

Simply order OxyBreath Pro Mask online in Singapore from the official website of the makers only.


You need not worry if you are wearing this OxyBreath Pro Mask every time as it would reduce the chances of getting affected from Coroniavirus or any other viral infections.

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